Black Swan Rapper is a relatively new team founded in 2000 by Dan Offord and a few like minded friends. Originally based in York, but now practicing in Leeds, the team have grown in to one of the premier rapper teams in the country, whose performances at festivals and shows have earned them a reputation of excellence and excitement. 

Created to enter the Dancing England Rapper Tournament (DERT), with a dance originally written by Stone Monkey Sword Dancers, the team soon set down its credentials by winning the Open category of the championship. From there, Black Swan succsesfully won the 2002, 2003 and 2004 competition, whilst at the same time writing the teams first dance, which pushed the understanding and boundries of rapper dancing to new levels.

Black Swan is now a team that is expected to always give a performance that will not disapoint and proudly tours the country to various festivals and shows living up to these expectations. The team achieves this due to the all-round quality of the performance, combining innovative figures and first-rate music, with a presentation style guaranteed to generate the “buzz factor” an audiance craves.

The team goes from strength to strength and now has a collection of four dances, suited to the stage, the street and more intimate venues, such as pubs and clubs.