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Relive DERT 2013

Newson March 11th, 2013No Comments
relive the excellent dancing of DERT 2013 here.

A huge congratulations and a big thank you

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A huge congratulations and a big thank you to the hosts, organisers and supporters of DERT 2013. Only 52 weeks until DERT 2014. . . best get practicing!

DERT 2013

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Winners of the 2013 Tyzack trophy for the most exciting team! Nailed it!

DERT 2012

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Black Swan may have came home in fourth place at this years competition, but took the entire event hostage at the late night showcase. Dancing our world famous Number 2  the team put everything in to an all or nothing performance and left the entire room stunned. The team will be remembered as the moral victors after this genre defining performance and this has laid down a statement of intent for the coming months.

What more could the team ask for but that. . .

Welcome to our DERT destroying Muso’s

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Black Swan unfortunately have to announce that Matt Crum has finally hung up his melodeon after 3 consecutive victory’s at the Dancing England Rapper Tournament! Following in the footsteps of Rog Peppe, Matt had helped Black Swan keep hold of the Musicians trophy at DERT for the last 4 years!! He has decided to give the other musicians a chance and will this year be dancing with the team!

His tiny shoes will now be filled by the magnificent Laura Barber and Dave Boston of Blackbeard’s Tea Party fame! Laura’s driving fiddle aided by Dave’s dynamic rhythm will power the team to the top of DERT 2012 (hopefully) and help the team retain the Musicians trophy for a 5th year!


No news is good news. . .

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Black Swan have been working hard getting the team up to scratch ready for the new year! We have recently welcomed several new dancers to the team and we have been getting them up to speed with all of our dances. If you feel like you have what it takes. . .  get in touch and we will let you know when and where we are!!

Sheffield Crawl

Newson June 15th, 2011No Comments

The team will be dancing around Sheffield a week on saturday, 25/06/11!! If your lucky you may get more than you bargained for. . . . . . . more info to follow!

New gigs added!

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Check out the gig page to see where you can see the team throughout the year!


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The team will be performing at several high profile festivals in the coming year. Don’t forget to check out the Gigs page to see when and where you can catch Black Swan Rapper.

DERT 2011 Win

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Well done to Matt Crum for winning ‘Best Musician’ for the third time in a row!! You are a god like genius!!